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campusLA is all about the greater Los Angeles area. At night and on the weekend we have the opportunity to explore the best of what the are has to offer! We intend to visit the beach (of course) as well as top sites like the Observatory at Griffith Park, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Huntington Beach, the Hollywood sign, and much much more!

What makes the summer culinary program so amazing (besides our access to and use of professional-level kitchens) is of course our dedication to exploring everything LA has to offer, and in the process experience personal growth and possibility! We do the same thing at campusNYC!

We are on a quest for LA's best tacos.  Join us!
We are on a culinary summer quest for LA’s best tacos. Join us!

Tacos and the beach: We love tacos. Every kind. And we love the beach. Everything about it is just so right. Our residence hall is minutes from some of the best beaches in SoCal…. and that put us minutes from some of the best tacos! We will go to the beach a lot… and still make time for the best of the rest of LA no worries!

The beach and the boardwalk at sunset. Our taco search will begin!

Rogue squads: Several evenings are devoted to Rogue Squads which you can read about right HERE. The rest of the evenings are done with the entire community together for fun foodie and tourist destinations to try it all!