Our Kitchen

Summer cooking camp: it’s all about the kitchen!

When it comes to the Summer Culinary family of programs, it always comes down to the kitchen. This is a pro level summer cooking camp with pro chefs in a pro kitchen. No hot plates or improvised set ups here!

We spend our day cooking at a professional teaching commercial kitchen. Packed with access to all the right equipment several areas to work and create our culinary masterpieces. What will you create this summer?

We have heard a lot from our students about summer cooking camp programs they tried before; programs using hot plates and pre-made major ingredients for an hour or two per day (and they call it culinary arts?!?!)

We make all of our 100+ recipes from scratch; we have professional commercial kitchens to work in, and our staff is the best. Our main campusLA kitchen features the following equipment and more:

  • Refer/Prep Station
  • Freezer/Prep station
  • Tilt Kettle ‐ 12 gallon
  • Tilt Kettle ‐ 40 gallon
  • Stand Mixer ‐ 30 qt
  • Combi Steamer/Oven
  • Gas Convection Oven
  • Speed Racks
  • 6‐Burner Range Convection Base
  • Stock Burner
  • Blast Chiller
  • Convection Steamer / Smoker
  • Smoker (hot/cold)
  • Chocolate Tempering Machine
  • Granite Counter
  • Dayon Baking Oven
  • Tilting Skillet Braising Pan
  • Countertop Griddle
  • And much more!

Pro gear. Pro chefs. 100+ recipes. Full meals cooked with appetizer, entree, dessert and beverage organized regionally: Each summer cooking camp day thematically organized: Thai, French, Italian, Mexican, American, Chinese and much more. All that is missing is you! Call us with any questions!

Our summer cooking camp program started with campusNYC and features of course our fantastic evening events and curated tours as a major component to the best parts of the program. Click HERE to see more about our rogue squahttps://campusla.org/rogue-squads/ds!!