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Rogue Squads

Rogue Squads! Everyone’s favorite evening and weekend activity! campusLA students join us from all over the globe. Each student is bringing along with them their own set of experiences – some have been to California before… or may be from California and others it’s their first time. So we invented Rogue Squads so our students get a chance to design their own day with their new friends at campusLA.

Places we see as Rogue Squad destinations for campusLA:

  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Rodeo Drive
  • Manhattan Beach shopping and surfing
  • Griffith Park Observatory
  • Venice Beach Boardwalk
  • Hollywood
  • Universal Studios
  • Sunset Strip
  • In-and-Out Burger
  • Chinatown
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs
  • Gourmet Food Trucks
  • and just too much to list!
campusLA will visit world-famous Pinks!
A definite Rogue Squad Destination is Pink’s
Chinatown is a definite foodie and tourist experience on our Rogue Squad list!
Shopping and snacking on the strand, swimming and sunning on Laguna Beach!

We started our Rogue Squads to help the students personalize their time in Los Angeles. A Rogue Squad is a small group of students accompanied by a counselor that goes on a mission to explore, visit and experience specific destinations chosen by the students.

Griffith Park Observatory is a must-see!

Disclaimer:  students don’t get to do ‘whatever they want to do’ as we honor student requests within reason.  Nothing unsafe or not possible.  Students are welcome to research places they would like to visit, food to try, and fun happenings around the area. The students group up, and a couple counselors will join them in their adventure. It’s about being AWESOME!

We know the SPOT for the world’s best Pho. Wanna join us?!?!
The Hollywood sign is iconic. Let’s make sure to get your pic of you with it in the background!
Sunset Boulevard… the birthplace of the LA rock-n-roll scene