Our response to COVID-19 »

Our response to COVID-19

Updated statement regarding our Summer 2020 program:

All Summer Culinary programs are postponed until Summer 2021.

We know the news of our postponement comes as a disappointment for our entire family of students, parents, families, staff, chefs and directors.

Our program is a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and development, socialization, new friendships, exploring New York and Los Angeles, and first-class culinary instruction with professional chefs in a formal professional teaching kitchens. Many of the aspects of the program that make the experience so powerful and transformative are simply not possible this year. And given our first and most critical commitment to student and staff safety, we must postpone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.883.1753.

For additional information or updates on developments and recommended safety precautions, visit the websites: CDC and World Health Organization.

Take care and see you next summer!

Summer Culinary Team