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Staff Info

Our staff are the heart and soul of our program.  

Do you want to become a chef?  That doesn’t mean you will work in a restaurant, or open a food truck business… it means you are an artist with food and you are committed to making delicious food that makes you happy.  

That’s who our staff are… and they share their passion for food with each and every student!

The Directors and staff:  when we aren’t in the kitchen, it is the Directors and staff who make sure everything is awesome.  With decades of experience our pro staff make sure all of the little details are just handled leaving you in action creating the summer of your dreams.

Executive chef Oonagh going over a recipe in detail before starting another day!

There is so much to go over when we make all our recipes from scratch. It’s all about the kitchen: pro equipment, prep, speed racks, calling it out.. the French brigade system… keeping a clean station… and all of this has to come from the chefs who make it their business to teach you everything you can possibly soak up… at just your speed! If you are a beginner… fine! Ready to audition for a TV show like a bunch of our graduates have done? We got you!!

Jack getting a lesson in getting a little messy rolling out the dough!

This program began in NYC with campusNYC, which has become the premier cooking camp with some graduates winning cooking shows on TV and every single student leaving had a world-class experience! And our evening events are just AMAZING. All of this is an outcome of the skilled staff…. and training, training, training.