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Welcome to cooking camp at campusLA!

Our program includes first-class instruction and lots of exploration and curated foodie tours of the greater Los Angeles area as well.  Our professional-level kitchen stocked with pro equipment creates endless possibilities. Our cooking camp feature numerous in-kitchen demos, special guests, and lots of time cooking a multitude of recipes from scratch.  Skill building and techniques taught each day contribute to making the recipes. All you need is a love of food and we have got the rest!  All skill levels accepted! A sister program to campusNYC in New York!

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Our students come from all over the USA and from all over the world. They love food and want to build their skills. We create endless possibilities in the kitchen! What do you want to create this summer? What skill are you looking to develop and grow? What will you make of your summer?

We created these cooking camps because as parents with kids who love to cook, we couldn’t find anything that really works. All we could find were programs using hot plates, pre-made food like pizza crusts, cooking for a couple few hours and not even in a real kitchen, and the like. If you are looking for a cooking camp we urge you to call anyone you find and ask them what kind of kitchen they use, what kind of recipes they make, and then you will find a way to attend a Summer Culinary program with us!


campusLA is all about first-class cooking in a professional kitchen with real chefs during the day, and exploring the greater LA area in the evenings and on the weekend. We make all of our recipes from scratch each session.

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We go through a multitude of recipes plus lots of skill building, each recipe taking on more and more challenging fare. Each day we create specific full meals inspired by international cuisine, from Indian, French, Italian, Thai, Chinese, American, and Mexican foods. All the meals include appetizers, entrees and desserts. We emphasize plating and presentation of course. Check out our recipes!



This program is open to students ages 12 - 17 of any skill level, from novice to very advanced we have got just the thing for you with personalized instruction. All that is needed is a love of food and cooking! This is a program for foodies of all kinds and from anywhere!



Our kitchen is a large professional commercial teaching space with all the right gear. It is big, clean, beautiful and professionally equipped for culinary instruction.

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Once the cooking camp cooking day is complete, we have the entire SoCal region at our feet.  The beach is minutes away from the residence halls; we also go to all the best and most famous tourist destinations… and as always we have our eye on the top foodie destinations our students crave.  Check out our recipes and our kitchen for more details about how a pro program looks.  This program is a sister program to our program in New York called campusNYC.

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